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My writing career started in the fashion industry, but there's a common thread between my reporting on the runways and my reporting on the brew house. I get to know the people behind the trend, the beer, the event. I look for intriguing yet under-reported themes from history that inform how we drink or eat or travel today. I strive to tell the stories of underrepresented people in today's craft beer and food and beverage scenes, and keep close watch on how these industries are working toward positive and impactful change. NB: My story on Native American breweries for Thrillist won the NAGBW's second place award for best international/national reporting, 2022.

INSIDE HOOK: Anchor Brewing’s Demise Isn’t Shocking, But It Is a Sad Sign of the Times for Craft Beer

FOOD & WINE - This Boozy Korean Yogurt Beverage Is My New Favorite Drink (photo: Steven Lee, via YOJU)

CRAFT BEER - Transporting Beer Drinkers ‘Back Home’ with Middle Eastern Flair

INSIDE HOOK - Craft Beer Is Doing the Unthinkable: Mimicking Macro Beer

WINE ENTHUSIAST - Asian Flavors Shake Up the Hard Seltzer Space

ALL ABOUT BEER - 19.2-Ounce Beers Are on the Rise: The Skinny on Taller Cans

GOOD BEER HUNTING - Vagabond Shoes Longing to Stray — Exploring the Beer Bars of New York Through Years and Boroughs (illustration: Colette Holston)

PUNCH - The American Pilsner Has Found Its Flow

THRILLIST - The Dessertification of Whiskey Cannot Be Stopped (illustration: Maggie Rossetti)

THE JOURNAL NEWS - Newly Opened Nyack Brewery is Creating Beer 'to Gather Over' (photo: John Meore)

PUNCH - The New Vocabulary of Beer (illustration: Jarrett Sitter)

CRAFT BEER & BREWING - Best in 2022

PUNCH - Everyone Loves to Hate the IPA (illustration: Andy Bourne)

WINE ENTHUSIAST - The Science Behind Beer Flavors

GOOD BEER HUNTING - Better on Vinyl — BierWax in Brooklyn and Queens, New York (photo: Kyle Gonzales)

WINE ENTHUSIAST - Everything You Need to Know About Amaretto

CRAFT BEER & BREWING (October-November 2022 Issue) - Meet Makgeolli

VINEPAIR - With Growing Industry Enthusiasm, the Historical Tropical Stout Is Earning the Recognition It Deserves (photo: Alex Andersen)

CRAFT BEER & BREWING (August-September 2022 Issue) - Pushing Hop Flavor to Its Outer Limits

BREWING INDUSTRY GUIDE - Case Study: Connecticut’s Fox Farm Finds Success in Classic Styles and a Warm Welcome

VINEPAIR - How Dry Hopping Evolved From the 18th Century to Define Today’s Hazy IPA Craze

VINEPAIR - Got Mlíko? Why You Should Try a Glass Full of Wet Beer Foam

FOOD52 - Hopped Beverages Are the No-ABV Drink of Summer

VINEPAIR - Do Seasonal Craft Beer Variety Packs Still Excite Consumers? (illustration: Ryan Raphael)

DECIBEL - Smoked Beer Appreciation is Firing Up (March issue column)

VINEPAIR - In a Sea of Milkshake This, Adjunct-Overloaded That, Lager-Focused Breweries Buck the Trend (illustration: Danielle Grinberg)

GOOD BEER HUNTING - Incubator, Collective, Record Label, Hype House — Twelve Percent Beer Project in North Haven, Connecticut (photo: Melissa Jones)

LOHUD - Newly Opened Brewery in Monroe Is a Labor of Love for Orange County Natives (photo: Kelly Marsh)

THRILLIST - How Native American Breweries Are Reclaiming Their Identities Through Beer (illustration: Chineme Elobuike)

VINEPAIR - Brave Noise: A Collaboration Brew Uniting the Beer Industry for Real Change (illustration: Danielle Grinberg)

GOOD BEER HUNTING - Gin Lane vs. Beer Street — How One Artist Captured a Pivotal Century in Our Drinking History (illustration: Colette Holston)

VINEPAIR - In 2021, Who Are Beer Reviews Actually For? (illustration: Liam Eisenberg)

VINEPAIR - Why a Drag Star’s Collaboration Matters in Beer’s Path Toward Better Queer Visibility (illustration: Michelle Rohn)

GOOD BEER HUNTING - The Plague Mirror — Recognizing Ourselves in Black Death-Era Italy Through The Decameron (illustration: Colette Holston)

FODOR'S - What Are New York’s Most Sought-After Ghosts Getting Up to Without Visitors? (image: Merchant's House Museum)

OCTOBER - Beauty and the Beer: How These Instagrammers Are Going Beyond the Bottle Shot (image: @liquoredandlacquered)

VINEPAIR - This Brooklyn Brewery Is Serving Up a Brighter, More Diverse Future for Craft Beer (illustration: Danielle Grinberg)

ATLAS OBSCURA - How a Beer Historian Is Documenting COVID-19’s Impact on Brewing (image: T.J. Kirkpatrick)

INSIDER - I Tried Making a Beer Slushie at Home Despite Being a Beer Purist, and the Trend Officially Has My Approval

CRAFT BEER - Outspoken Advocates for Diversity in Beer Enter 2020 Cautiously Optimistic

VICE - Unpacking the Infamous Theory That Beer Drinkers Have Sex on the First Date

GRUB STREET - Talea Is the Woman-Owned Brewery That Even Beer Haters Can Love (image: M. Cooper)

PUNCH - The King of New York’s Most Infamous Metal Bar (image: Eric Medsker)

EDIBLE BROOKLYN - No Space, No Problem: New York City’s Dedicated Home Brewers

KERRANG! - Why So Many Metal Bands Are Releasing Their Own Beers

LOHUD - Crafting an Image: Kings Court Brewery Co-Owner on Being a Woman in the Beer Industry (image: Kings Court Brewery)

MEN'S JOURNAL - The Best Craft Beer Festivals in the U.S.

amNY - NYC Beer Scene Grows with Local Groups for Women

DELISH - Why Companies That Have No Business Making Beer Are Suddenly Selling Their Own Brews (illustration: Alexandra Folino)

HUFFPOST - According To History, We Can Thank Women For Beer

HUFFPOST - Hate IPAs? It's Because Your Genetics Programmed You To Dislike Bitter Beers. (illustration: Isabella Carapella)

HOP CULTURE - The Changing Gender Dynamics of Belgian Beer

DELISH - Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Mead

amNY - Bars with Pool Tables Remain, Bucking an Overall Trend

OBSERVER - New York’s Tiniest Restaurant Returns (image: Andrea Chu)

THE BELLADONNA - The GoFundMe Page for Marie Antoinette's Clothing Allowance (image: Magda Ehlers via Pexels)

LITTLE OLD LADY - Horoscopes By The Drunk Girl In The Bar Bathroom

DELISH - I Ate Meals With My Dog Every Day For Two Weeks, And It Completely Calmed My Anxiety

i-D - God Save the Queen: Female Punks on the Rise

THE HAIRPIN - Rose Bertin, The First Celebrity Stylist

INVISIBLE ORANGES - To Find The Emerald: Uncovering Metal in Ireland

MENTAL FLOSS - 8 Times Historical Leaders Threw Their Opponents Out Windows

LIP - Empress Elisabeth of Austria: Was the 19th Century Monarchy Just as Bad as Today's Media?

ELLE - I Tried To Be A Fashion It Girl And Failed

i-D - How Instagram Can Make You Forget Why You Love Fashion

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