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The HenHouse Unruffled Podcast

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TapRm's WTF Am I Drinking? (Co-Host)

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Good Beer Hunting

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Awards, Mentions, & Citations:

  • My Thrillist piece "How Native American Breweries Are Reclaiming Their Identities Through Beer" won a second-place NAGBW award for best international/national reporting, September 2022

  • My newsletter Hugging the Bar included in Boak & Bailey's recommended reading round-ups like this one, April of 2022

  • Hugging the Bar recommended by Advanced Cicerone, National BJCP Judge, educator, podcaster, and Under the Jenfluence founder Jen Blair, on Under the Jenfluence

  • Issue of Hugging the Bar on why beer consumers don't seem to care about concerning allegations made against breweries recommended by Dave Infante in his newsletter Fingers, October 2021

  • Hugging the Bar's series on festival safety recommended by Stan Hieronymus on his blog Appellation Beer, August 2021

  • Hugging the Bar named Long Read of the Week by Chris O'Leary in his newsletter Brew York & Beyond, June 2021

  • Article for HuffPost, "Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Are Back, But They're Not Very Chatty" referenced on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," February 2020 (And yes, I took a photo, because Colbert!)