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For over a decade, I have worked with brands and retailers to elevate their messaging and more effectively engage wider audiences. I have helped new businesses establish their voices, and I have learned to create compelling copy in the existing voices of long-established companies. I apply the storytelling of my journalism to my background in retail marketing to fashion concise, impactful assets from landing pages and product descriptions to emails and bios, and consult on content from blogs to social media.

Content for TapRm

As a freelance content contributor for innovative beer and beverage e-commerce platform TapRm, I helped concept and create blog stories, as well as our podcast WTF Am I Drinking?, that supported our brands and reached readers. I also helped ideate and facilitate social media collaborations and partnerships. 

Product Copy (Various)

I have provided effective product copy for brands and retailers, mass market and luxury. I have organized high weekly and daily workloads, delegated across teams, edited product copy, maintained ongoing consistency and up-to-date information, and written product copy style guides.

Web Content Consulting & Creation (Various)

I have helped new companies build their brand voices, and established companies change direction, relaunch, or add new assets like blogs and influencer partnerships. This has involved creating everything from blog posts and mission statements to calls to action and landing pages.

Marketing Emails (Various)

I have translated different brand and retailer voices into engaging, results-driven emails that recipients want to open, read, and click through, improving strategy with analytics and A/B testing.

Social Media Copy (Various)

Social strategy is often a natural component of my content consulting with clients like TapRm. I have also taken the reins at brands to translate their voices into effective conversations across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more, in addition to helping run adjacent initiatives like ambassador and influencer programs.

Event Safety Consulting (Various)

Based on my reporting experience and working with Women of the Bevolution founder Ash Eliot, I helped create a comprehensive guide to safety in beer festival and event planning that organizers have referred to and used to make changes to their protocol. I have started advising organizers on policy, and am certified by SAFE Bar Network in training brewery and bar staff on safety re: harassment and discrimination.

Branded Content (& Everything Else)

Work in content and copy for over a decade and you'll tend to hit upon every kind of project you can imagine, and then some. Yes, I've written a branded deep-dive on IBM Watson's cognitive Marchesa gown for New York Magazine, in addition to bios, press releases, brochures, company announcements--you name it--for a score of other brands and retailers.

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