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Keyboard and Mouse


Branding & Content

  • Voice and identity development

  • Brand deck creation

  • Blog content

  • Development of all applicable assets, ad campaigns, virtual events, giveaways, promotions

  • Brand partnerships

  • Newsletter writing

Marketing E-mails

  • Brainstorming content; scheduling according to promotion and release calendar

  • Subject lines

  • Heds, deks, grafs; calls to action

  • A/B testing, performance analysis

Workplace & Event Safety

  • Staff training (SAFE Bar-certified)

  • Consulting on measures and protocols for safe events and festivals

  • Consulting on organizations to partner with, initiatives to engage with for safety, access, DEI

Social Media Content

  • Voice, direction development

  • Content creation

  • Content scheduling, mapping

  • Performance analysis

  • Follower engagement

  • Promotions, giveaways

  • Ambassador programs

  • All above for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok

Web Copy

  • Landing pages

  • Pillar pages

  • Boilerplates

  • "About Us" pages

  • Product descriptions

  • Basically anything you want written anywhere on your site!

Press Releases

  • Trend tracking

  • Release writing

  • Release distribution

  • Performance analysis

  • Maintenance of relevant contacts, outlets

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