I have helped several clients build their brand voices from the ground up. I have worked to understand their ethos and identity, and then have translated that into websites, e-mail campaigns, product and event names, and other marketing materials that convey who they are and why they matter to consumers. Even if your brand is well established, I can help you build on that with everything from beer names to monthly virtual event concepts. 

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Define your brand's story and create a connection with customers through content that pushes that story forward, in your brand's own voice. Meaningful blog content is engaging, informative, and relatable, and your blog platform is a valuable tool for marketing your brewery vendors, beers, etc. through organic storytelling. I'll help you establish yours or reinvigorate your existing blog, and will brainstorm and deliver calendars jam-packed with brand-elevating content from Q&A's to histories. 

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Info-rich brewing explainers? Straightforward can release updates? Short and snappy copy to highlight dynamic photography? Irreverent and ironic internet speak? Every brand has an identity and every identity has a voice. Let's figure out what your voice is and how to use it cohesively to build a strong relationship with customers and keep your brand messaging front and center, day after day. I can help you establish a voice, create and map out content in calendars you can approve, and take care of posting.

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I have written product copy for fashion, beauty, home, health, and lifestyle brands and retailers for 11 years, ranging from discount to luxury, indie to mainstream, and from in-depth examinations of the product and its creation to pithy quips. In short, I've written about a lot of products! I know what customers need to know to confidently hit that "Buy" button, and I know how to deliver that information in your brand's voice, all with the utmost accuracy and consistency.

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In a time when most of us are drowning in our inboxes and people are quick to hit "Delete" on any e-mails that even resemble marketing missives, your e-mails really need to grab recipients' attention and keep it. Based on my experience working with many different kinds of brands and retailers, performing AB tests and analyzing what works and what doesn't, I can help you with compelling subject lines and e-mail copy that informs, sells, and excites without going a word too long.