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Copy & Consulting: 

I have honed skills in creating compelling product copy and landing pages; ensuring cohesion and accuracy; delegating and editing assignments; helping new brands develop their voices and translating that into engaging landing pages, product pages, blogs, and marketing e-mails; and harnessing the original voices of established brands to speak to a growing customer base through web copy, e-mail copy, and social copy; while working with major retailers and designers like Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Michael Kors, mytheresa, Ann Taylor LOFT, Tanya Taylor, Yu-Be Skin Care, Fivestory New York, The Line, and Joe Fresh. 

Journalism & Writing:

I strive to tell the real stories of the people behind the products, places, or trends, and I look for the points at which said products, places, and trends intersect with our lives, important movements, and rich histories. Yes, I'm interested in at what temperature that beer was fermented and for long, but I'm even more so intrigued by the diversity efforts being made at the brewery crafting that beer. 

I've delved deep into The Decameron to draw parallels between our current pandemic reality and the social habits of Florentines during the Black Death. I've talked to paranormal investigators about what's happening at the museum known as "Manhattan's most haunted house" during the pandemic's sudden halt in visitors. I've interviewed creative cosplayers and makeup and nail artists about how they're disrupting the norms of "beer Instagram." I gave readers an inside peek at how the Smithsonian's beer historian is tracking the pandemic's effects on the national beer industry in real time.


There is a strange statistic floating around that people who like beer are more likely to have sex on the first date, a stat that baffled many beer fans and became outright problematic for many women in beer--so I investigated. I wondered how New York City could have such a vibrant homebrewing scene when that setup takes up a lot of space and New Yorkers notoriously have so little of just that, so I talked to experts and homebrewers and even got a look at homebrewers' personal systems. 

I interviewed a host of bands and breweries to figure out why the surge of metal bands making their own beers has become so prevalent, and I also talked to brands and breweries about how and why craft beer became the hottest marketing tool of 2018. I researched why so many people actually hate IPAs, because it turns out: science.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with some of the movers and shakers on the frontlines of improving diversity, equity, representation, and inclusion in craft beer. It's hard and necessary work toward a goal that is so overdue, and it's always an honor to get to know the inspiring people who are leading the charge. I had the privilege of hearing from some of this push's most important voices on the state of diversity in craft beer in 2020. I interviewed the founders of an exemplary internship program to break down the barriers of entry for BIPOC in beer, as well as the creator of a ground-breaking initiative to support women of color access roles in the industry. Six months into the pandemic, I caught up with breweries juggling daily survival with increased efforts in community outreach and improved representation.

I like making a habit of things, too: I had a weekly NYC events column for i-D, a weekly shopping column for Racked NY, and a weekly ice cream column and then a brewery and distillery column for amNY. Currently, I write daily food news stories for Mashed and review albums and profile bands for Decibel.

To read my writing marrying craft beer, bars, drinking culture and history, and personal attachments to all of it, subscribe to my newsletter here. To see a complete portfolio of my articles, as well as some humor writing, click over here.

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