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Copy & Consulting:

I have more than 11 years' experience as a copywriter. In that time, I have helped new brands and businesses create their own unique voices, and I have adapted to the voices of established businesses to speak to their customers while pushing their messaging forward and reaching even wider audiences. I write web copy, product copy, marketing e-mails, press releases, blog posts, social media copy, and more. I have led teams, collaborated across teams, and worked solo to handle content creation for busy businesses.


Today, I combine my copywriting expertise with the knowledge I have gained writing about beer, food, and travel and earning the Cicerone certification for serving beer. Most recently, I've been creating blog content for beer platform and e-commerce site TapRm.

TapRm Blog Content:


Retail Product Copy:

Brand Voice & Site Copy Style Standards Development:

Marketing E-mails:


Blog & Social Media Content; Brand Ambassador Management:

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