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Beer Festival & Event Safety Consulting

Discrimination, harassment, assault; these are not just collateral damages that come with the territory of organizing a big event centered around alcohol. Organizers can and must take an active role in preventing these horrible events—they have so much control and the power to host a safe, welcoming, inclusive event.

There are tools, resources, and organizations you as an event organizer and/or producer can utilize and partner with, and I can help you navigate this process. I've been actively and constantly researching and reporting on this specific area of the beer industry since the fall of 2021, when I collaborated with Ash Eliot, founder of Women of the Bevolution and co-founder of the Brave Noise initiative. We created a four-part, extremely comprehensive guide for festival organizers, producers, vendors, workers, volunteers, and attendees alike, for my newsletter Hugging the Bar and Ash's platform Women of the Bevolution. We conducted interviews around the industry, searched for tools and resources, and delivered clear, actionable steps, tips, guidance, links, ideas, and information on organizations and leaders in the festival safety movement. The NYC Brewers Guild has used this guide to continue evolving their safety measures at fests and events.


Since then, I've covered this topic for my newsletter as well as outlets like VinePair, where Ash and I recently checked in with safety organizations and training resources as well as festival organizers to see what steps they're implementing. Ash and I both serve as resources in this area, ourselves—I, for example, guested on the HenHouse tk podcast for an episode all about what organizers and attendees need to and want to know about safe beer fests.

Throughout countless conversations in recent months, I've found myself informally directing breweries and event producers to these resources, training organizations, and initiatives, and it hit me that there is a need in this space. That's why I'm offering consulting services in the beer festival and event safety space. I can evaluate your current plans and identify what measures you need to implement as well as what is feasible for you to implement, and I can guide you along the way to doing so, connecting you with trainers, volunteers, organizations, and other resources. How do you create a designated safe space? Do you need safety colunteers and security? What should the reporting system be in case of any incidents at your event? Let's work together and make a plan that fits the needs of your event, and all events you might have going forward. This will help make so many more people feel welcome at your fests and in your space.

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